About Us

Wes Lane
Senior Broker DSM, CLTC, APP

  (803) 521-4419

 [email protected]

Jessie Lane
RN, BSN, Licensed Agent

  (803) 622-7233

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Jared McAdams
Licensed Agent

  (803) 237-4394

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Arthur Neroshchin
Licensed Agent

  (803) 546-7078

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About Our Mission

First, we are a team of friends actively working in our community from a desire to help and serve others. Working alongside our churches, local missions, community organizations, and partnerships to help protect and educate those aging into the Retirement chapter of their lives.

Senior Resource Services of Columbia has a team of dedicated Licensed Brokers who are experienced in retirement and Medicare planning. We specialize in providing retirement & insurance solutions specific to you, the retiree. Our retirement counseling starts years before retirement with personalized plans that target retirement goals, healthcare needs, life insurance, long-term care, and income allocation.


Your Leading Source for Retirement Information

Senior Resource Services Inc. was created to be the leading information source seniors can turn to, to get down-home honest advice.

We specialize in four main areas of retirement:

☑ Medicare planning

☑ Long term care planning

☑ Life insurance

☑ Safe investment options

In a world where everyone is selling something, we are different. Our vision is to create a place where you can trust that you are getting accurate and timely information. Recommendations that are thought out and not rushed. Our hopes are that when you meet with the SRS team you will see that we truly offer you something no one else can.

Our focus has always been to deliverer the best retirement solutions in the marketplace. That’s why we have teamed with our national partner American Senior Benefits. Our relationship with ASB allows us to offer an experience like no other in this area. With hundreds of companies to offer, our plan is simple. Put the needs of the client first. We can create a tailored plan that perfectly fits every time. Our relationship is built to last. We will continue our superior services throughout your lifetime. As new challenges and solutions come to the retirement market, we will keep you informed. Our clients enjoy having annual reviews and constant information flow through our monthly newsletters.

These days it’s not enough to just set a plan in place and not revisit it. Our clients know when they have a question just to make a phone call and we are right there with the answer no matter how big or small.


Mission Statement

We will maintain, at the highest level, a sense of integrity and morality that sets the standards for our industry

The people we encounter through our endeavors will be met with respect and courtesy. We promise to never sacrifice our values under any circumstance

We guarantee to always put the needs of our clients first, no matter the consequence.